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Costa Rica Sportfishing
Get your Costa Rica Fishing License before you start your sprotfishing adventure.


Do you need a fishing license for sport fishing in Costa Rica? Officially you do, but you don’t necessarily have to purchase it before you fish. If you do want to buy one online in advance, follow our step-by-step instructions to get yours. Learn the steps to get your Costa Rican fishing license before you start your sport fishing adventure.

Read fishing reports up to the minute from Costa Rica fishing charters and boat capitans


Get up-to-the-minute news from world-class saltwater charter captains fishing in Costa Rica. Follow our Twitter feed closely for regular updates. You can see what species are being caught right now, where, and by which captain.

Get up to the minute reports from fishermen and the local sport fishing charters in Costa Rica.

Fish Costa Rica with Bobby McGuinness


Bobby McGuinness is our featured Costa Rica sportfishing captain. Read more about his IGFA awards and records here. Even better, fish Costa Rica with Captain Bobby McGuinness on your next Costa Rican sport fishing vacation.

Learn more about fishing with Bobby McGuiness.

Fish both coasts of Costa Rica

Fish Both Coasts

Fish both coasts of Costa Rica in a single sport fishing package.

Your great opportunity to target an array of prized Costa Rica fishing species on both coasts with world-class captains. Begin with an exotic Caribbean fishing adventure to Tortuguero for Tarpon and Snook. Then travel to the Pacific coast and fish Costa Rica for gamefish such as Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Snapper and Grouper.

Learn more about this fishing package.

Pacific coast fishing for billfish.

Pacific Fishing

7  days and 6 nights of fishing the Pacific for Bill Fish

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, especially the Central Pacific, is considered the world’s number one billfishery. Enjoy superb Pacific coast offshore and inshore fishing with acclaimed Costa Rica sportfishing charter captains. This is your chance to do battle with exciting deep sea gamefish like Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna.

Learn more about this fishing package..

Fish the Caribbean coasat of Costa Rica for Tarpon and Snook


Complete sport fishing package focused on teh caribbean coast with tarpon and snoook in mind.

The Caribbean coast near the Nicaraguan border is one of the sportfishing world’s top Tarpon destinations. Hook up with Captain Eddie Brown, Costa Rica’s leading Tarpon fisherman/guide. Eddie will take you Tarpon fishing, and you can also catch Snook, Guapote (Rainbow Bass), Mojarra and Machaca.

Learn more about this fishing package.

Sportfish in Nicaragua and enjoy the Indio Lodge


Fish Nicaragua with this complete Sport Fishing adventure package.

Rio Indio Lodge just over the border in Nicaragua offers Caribbean fishing in a magical environment. Experienced Rama fishing guides will take you through the lush green tropical lagoons for Tarpon, Snook and Guapote (Rainbow Bass). Enjoy all-inclusive multi-day Caribbean fishing packages from San José.

Learn more about this fishing package.

Sailfish-Offshore Pacific

Costa Rica is called the world’s number one billfishery. Thousands of eager anglers from around the globe fish Costa Rica for Sailfish all along the Pacific coast every year. During the peak Pacific Sailfish bite, anglers on Costa Rica fishing trips with top-gun Costa Rica sportfishing captains might release 25 and more of these elegant and beautiful Sailfish on a full-day deep sea fishing charter.

Fish for sailfish in the offshore pacific region of Costa Rica, learn more about sail fishing

Many species of Marlin can be found in Costa Rica

Marlin-Offshore Pacific

A Marlin leap is one of the most impressive sights of a Costa Rican offshore fishing adventure. These majestic deep sea gamefish are caught all year around off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Experienced Costa Rica saltwater sportfishing captains will take anglers to blue water to fish for Blue, Black and Striped Marlin. Hook a Marlin, and get ready for the Costa Rican sport fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Complete information on sport fishing for Marlin in Costa Rica.

Roosterfish can be caught in shore in Costa Rica's pacific ocean.

Rooster Fish-Inshore

Exotic Roosterfish with their dorsal combs are among the most sought-after inshore gamefish. Anglers will find Costa Rica’s Pacific coast a great destination for Roosterfish. This catch-and-release species is as tough as they come. Even a 30lb Roosterfish will give anglers on Costa Rica fishing trips a terrific fight. Roosterfish of 60-70lbs are not uncommon, so imagine what is in store when you hook one!

All you ever wanted to know about rooster fish and sportfishing roosters in Costa Rica.

Catch red snapper while visiting Costa Rica.


Snapper are one of the tastiest nearshore fish in the sea. Anglers who decide to fish Costa Rica inshore will find over a dozen members of the Snapper family, including Red, Cubera, Mullet, Rock, Spotted Rosy, Colorado, Yellow and Silky. The incredibly delicious and pretty Spotted Rosy Snapper is the smallest, while huge Cubera Snapper of 60lbs and more are not uncommon on Costa Rica fishing trips.

A guide to snapper and catching them through our fishing charters in Costa Rica.

Tarpon fishing on Costa Ricas Caribbean coasat


Pound for pound, the prehistoric Tarpon, or Silver King, is the world’s most powerful gamefish. Boating an 80lb Tarpon is like hauling a 1949 Buick from the bottom of the sea. The largest Tarpon ever caught fishing Costa Rica weighed 240lbs! Tarpon are found only on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Its fighting spirit and terrific leaps lure anglers from around the world to fish Costa Rica for Tarpon.

Read what it takes to catch tarpon in costa rica, off the caribbean coast of the country is some of the best tarpon fishing in the world.

Snook can be caught on the caribbean coast of costa rica as well as tarpon.


Snook are another tasty nearshore gamefish. Costa Rica fishing enthusiasts can best enjoy Snook fishing on the Caribbean coast, although when the tides are exactly right, Snook can be caught casting close to shore on the Central Pacific and especially South Pacific coasts. Along with the Common Snook, a much sought-after Caribbean Snook species is the delicious, smaller Calba, or Fat Snook.

A guide to snook fishing the caribbean waters of Costa Rica.

Fish Costa Rica's Sport Fishing Blog

Twice weekly Fish Costa Rica prepares news posts as they relate to Costa Rica Sportfishing and Charter reviews of the top boats and captains. Don’t miss our daily fishing reports where top Costa Rican fishing captains give us an up to the minute report on their fishing experiences.
Yellowfin Tuna boated at Los Suens

Costa Rica fishing species that delight your palate

Anglers who fish Costa Rica will all agree that Yellowfin Tuna is a spectacular game fish. A Yellowfin must constantly swim, and it is also one big muscle Most of the Yellowfin Tuna that anglers catch on Costa Rica fishing trips are usually the size of an American football. However, they can reach up to 300lbs. Yellowfin Tuna can reach 200+ pounds Yellowfin Tuna, ranging from football size to over 40lbs, come and go all year long off the Pacific coast. However, the giants between 100 and 200 pounds arrive at different times in different areas. Anglers on Costa Rica sportfishing...

You can typically find snook in estuaries and river mouths in Costa Rica.

You can have your fish and eat it too

‘Let them eat fish’ is a pretty good way to end a successful day of Costa Rica fishing. Anglers who fish Costa Rica can catch some of the world’s tastiest fish off the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. What could be better than a scrumptious dinner of the fresh Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) or Yellowfin Tuna caught earlier that day on an offshore Costa Rican sport fishing charter? Furthermore, those fishing inshore can savor delicious Snapper, Grouper or even Mackerel, a very under-rated food fish. Anglers who opt for Caribbean fishing will enjoy Snook and in season, also Calba, a smaller Snook species....

gulf of nicoya fishing grouper

Enjoy your Costa Rica fishing catch for dinner

We often find it hard to amass material for a blog when not many Costa Rica sportfishing boats are going out. October/November is one of the slowest periods of the year for Costa Rica fishing charters. Furthermore, tourism in Costa Rica in general finds itself in the same situation. Grade schools, high schools, universities and colleges in the United States, Canada and Europe have just begun the year in earnest. Those who have managed to get a couple of vacation weeks off to relax or travel, either got them in July and August, or will get them starting in December....

Los Suenos and Jaco fishing

Costa Rica fishing might cost more, but worth it!

The peak Costa Rica fishing season is approaching. So, as always, people are now looking at our FishCostaRica website and asking what it would cost for two/three anglers to fish here. Our replies are pretty simple: it depends on the size of the boat, the captain and the location. Two/three people can fish Costa Rica comfortably with a highly recommended captain on boats ranging in size from 22-29ft. Furthermore, for a boat in that size range, the rate would be between $625.00 and $1,350.00 for a full-day offshore Costa Rica fishing charter. More expensive to fish Costa Rica than fish...

Your chances of a Marlin hook-up are greatly increased if you fish the FADs

A trip to the FADs might be just what the Costa Rica fishing doctor ordered

We have seen some high-season Costa Rica fishing numbers recently. Captain Mitch Pierson on the 45ft Sportsman, a top Herradura Bay fishing charter boat, just went 22-30 on Sailfish. That same day, Captain James Smith took the 42ft Dragin Fly to the FADs on long trip. The Dragin Fly fishes out of Los Sueños Marina. FADs, or Sea Mounts as some also call them, are buoys anchored on the surface or just below the surface of the water. They are often called Fish Aggregating Devices because they attract all kinds of fish. Nobody knows exactly why. However, they are effective....

daniel espinoza los suenos fishing

16,600 huge fish, plus all the other big ones that got away

How many fish does an exceptional saltwater charter captain catch? Meet Captain Daniel Espinoza. Daniel was, and still is, one of the most popular Costa Rica fishing captains. He captained the 43ft Spanish Fly for more than 10 years, from the day it was first put in the water. The Spanish Fly was originally built at Maverick Yachts just outside Jacó by Richard and Nancy Lebo. Glen and Cindy Mumford own it now. The Spanish Fly is still one of the top Los Sueños fishing boats. Juan Carlos Fallas captains it right now. Over more than 10 years, Daniel deservedly carved...

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