Go Tarpon fishing and get 25% off if you fish before November 30

Save big Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica

Get 25% off the listed price, and experience world-class Tarpon fishing at one of the world’s most exotic sportfishing destinations! For just over $2,000.00 per person, FishCostaRica offers a discounted, all-inclusive Tarpon fishing package at beautiful Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua.

This offer is only valid if you fish before November 30. Read down and see what you get for just over $2,000.00 per person.

Do battle with the mighty Silver King

Tarpon fishing at its best, Battle the Silver King at Rio Indio Lodge

Battle the Silver King at Rio Indio Lodge

Pound for pound, Tarpon are the ocean’s mightiest gamefish. The power and determination of the ‘Silver King’, as they are nicknamed, are unrivaled. Boating an 80lb Tarpon is akin to dragging a 1949 Buick up from the bottom of the sea.

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast near the border with Nicaragua is one of the world’s prime Tarpon fishing destinations. So is the region of Nicaragua along the San Juan River that divides the two countries. In that part of the world, Tarpon fishing peaks from September through January.

Rio Indio Lodge is situated on a quiet, almost hidden tributary of the San Juan River just inside Nicaragua. The lodge is rustic, stylish, comfortable and inviting. And the beauty of its lush green, exotic tropical surroundings is beyond belief. Meals are delicious, and the service is also excellent.

Tarpon fishing at Rio Indio Lodge

Beautiful Rio Indio Lodge nestled in the lush tropical jungle

Beautiful Rio Indio Lodge nestled in the lush tropical jungle

Tarpon populate the lagoons, small lakes and canals. Local Rama guides will take you on small boats to do battle with the mighty Tarpon. If the weather and tides cooperate, they might also take you into the Caribbean itself to fish nearshore.

One of the largest tarpon ever caught on rod-and-reel, and possibly the largest, was possibly released at Rio Indio Lodge in October 2014.

Huge Tarpon might have been IGFA world record

World record 286lb, nine-ounce Tarpon

World record 286lb, nine-ounce Tarpon

According to the magazine Sport Fishing, ‘a party of three old men hooked a very large tarpon’. One of the anglers, Bill Brannan, told SF that how large became evident only after a fight lasting more than two hours. That is when the group (Brannan, Jere Bruning and Fred Roguske, along with Rio Indio Lodge guide Rito Espinosa) was able to maneuver the fish alongside the boat.

‘Luckily, Fred had a 10-foot tape,’ Brannan says. ‘The Tarpon was 9 feet, 2 inches long, with a girth of 48 inches. I told Fred that nobody’s going to believe this!

‘Fred admitted that he was not a good judge of weight. But as owner of Lake Counter Replicas, which makes fish replica mounts, he darn well knew how to measure a fish.’

So how heavy is a 110-inch (total length) tarpon? There is no precise answer. However, it should be substantially heavier than the all-tackle world record. This is a massive 286lb, nine-ounce Tarpon (above right) caught in 2003 off Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. That fish measured just over 90 inches to the fork.

Rio Indio Tarpon could have weighed over 300lbs

The Silver King executes a mighty leap

The Silver King executes a mighty leap

A 110-inch total length probably suggests a 102-inch fork length, Roguske surmises. The current record did have a 50-inch girth, so it was a bit fatter fish. But still, it measured a foot less, so thoughts of a tarpon well over 300 pounds seem possible.

Had the trio realized the significance of this catch, they might have worked harder to get photos. But as Roguske told SF, “We were anxious to release the very tired fish while it could still swim away”.

Probabably no scale at or near Rio Indio Lodge would have been sufficient to weigh that Tarpon. However, since multiple anglers fought the fish, it was ineligible for world-record consideration, whether by weight or length.

Enjoy Snook fishing as an added bonus

Tarpon fishing not enough? Snook is another Caribbean gamefish - tasty too!

Tarpon fishing not enough? Snook is another Caribbean gamefish – tasty too!

Tarpon might be the featured fish to catch, but the area boasts more prized gamefish. Snook are a big draw. Furthermore, the Snook fishing season coincides with the Tarpon fishing season.

Along with Common Snook, Caribbean fishing has another member of the Snook family. It is the Calba, or Fat Snook. Calba rarely reach more than a couple of pounds. Their run takes place in October, November, and December. On a good day, you might catch up to 50 of them. Also, if you think Snook are tasty, wait until you have sampled Calba. Prepared by Rio Indio Lodge’s expert chefs, they are superb!

Besides Tarpon and Snook, Rio Indio Lodge guides will take you fishing for Guapote (Rainbow Bass), Machaca and Mojarra. These are feisty regional freshwater game fish that inhabit the area. Guapote is the biggest, but Machaca and Mojarra will put up a great fight also.

Caribbean fishing package slashed from $2,950 per person

Usually $2,950.00 per person, FishCostaRica offers you 25% off the listed price if you fish before November 20, 2016. Now pay just $2,100.00 per person, Double occupancy, for this five-day, four-night, all-inclusive fishing package from San José.

For $2,100.00 per person, you get all this:

  • Airport transfer on arrival to a San José hotel
  • First night at a San José hotel
  • Transfer to commuter airport. Thirty-minute charter flight to Greytown (San Juan de Nicaragua) airport in Nicaragua. It’s then a 10-minute flatboat transfer to Rio Indio Lodge
  • Double accommodation at Rio Indio Lodge, plus all meals, snacks, soft drinks, bottled water and evening Rum bar
  • Three full days of fishing for Tarpon and other gamefish with experienced, local Rama indigenous guides
  • Morning transfer to Greytown airport on Day 5, and return charter flight to San José
  • Airport transfer from commuter airport to international airport

Not included are Costa Rica exit tax, and Nicaraguan entry and exit taxes.

Fish both coasts and save even more

Save on Pacific fishing

Save on Pacific fishing

Don’t miss this great deal for just $2,100.00 per person. Remember, it is only valid if you fish before November 30, 2016.

If you combine this offer with at least two days of Pacific coast fishing, FishCostaRica will also take $100.00 off the Pacific portion of your trip. That’s a total saving of $2,000.00!

So call 1-800-407-9438 or email FishCostaRica now for more information. Book your Caribbean Tarpon fishing adventure at Rio Indio Lodge and save.


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