It’s not inexpensive to fish Costa Rica, but worth every penny!

Let’s face facts: It’s not inexpensive to charter a good sportfishing boat here in Costa Rica. Rates here are double, and sometimes even more than that, of what you will find in Mexico, for example.

One of the big factors making Costa Rica fishing more expensive is the price of fuel, especially diesel. A gallon of diesel costs well over USD $6.00 at the pump. That certainly is a lot higher than Mexico – about double! Think of a couple of 350HP diesels – not uncommon for 36-38ft charter boats – gunning it to get to the offshore bite! And then returning that afternoon.

Overall living costs are higher in Costa Rica as well. Costa Rica sportfishing charter captains and mates are paid more than their counterparts in Mexico to give them what is necessary to maintain their families and homes.  Everyday boat maintenance also costs money. Maintenance is crucial to performance and keeping the boat in the water.

Keeping a boat in the water costs money

Another thing people overlook is that most boat parts come from the USA. Diesel engines have a nasty habit of breaking down. Diesels are  ornery and spiteful beasts, especially those used in marine operations like sportfishing. It costs a lot more to get a spare engine part from the USA to Costa Rica than to Mexico. It takes longer too! You can’t drive it across the border.

License fees and insurance are also high. Captains/owners have to renew every year. The proper safety equipment is also costly.

Costa Rica’s top sportfishing captains, both foreign (mainly American) and local, have made a stellar reputation for themselves. As a group, they are second to none. recommends only the best. They catch fish. They have also set countless IGFA sportfishng world records. And let’s face it: one pays for quality!

If a charter is cheap, there’s a reason

marlin released by flamingo bushwackerWhen one finds a really inexpensive Costa Rica fishing charter, it is for a reason, or a combination of reasons: the boat is not properly rigged; it is not properly maintained; it carries substandard equipment, such as electronics; it does not have all the required safety gear; the captain is not considered one of the best.

There are very few sportfishing accidents in Costa Rica involving fatalities, perhaps one every two/three years or so at most. But in every accident, you will find at least one of these factors. The boat did not carry the required safety equipment. Or it carried more anglers than its licence allowed. Or the captain went out despite the inclement weather because he gave in to his clients, or had to make a buck no matter what.

In the end, you get what you pay for!

In the final analysis, you get what you pay for. Rates for Costa Rica fishing charter boats may appear high when compared with certain other countries. But when FishCostaRica recommends a boat for your charter, we guarantee: 1) The captain is an experienced guide who knows how to catch fish and how to took after his clients. 2) Ditto for the crew. 3) The captain will not risk your lives by setting out if the weather is bad. 4) If the weather does turn nasty, he will hightail it back to the marina. 5) The electronic equipment the boat carries is up-to-date and fully functioning. 6) The boat has all the USCG-required safety equipment. 7) The boat is properly licensed and insured. 8) The captain will not take more anglers than permitted under license.

If the above means something to you, then contact FishCostaRica to book your next sportfishing charter or complete Costa Rica fishing vacation. Agreed, it’s not cheap to fish in Costa Rica, but it’s worth every penny.

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